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The Art of Minecraft

The Art of Minecraft

If you've ever longed for a video game that gives you a truely open world feel with a huge selection of sandbox tools, look no further. Minecraft may be for you. Yes, it's a voxel game but it's THE ORIGINAL voxel game. There have been many imitators, but there's only...

Husky Pros and Cons

Husky Pros and Cons

If you've ever wanted a high octane dog, a Husky may be just right for you. Keep in mind, the Husky is not for the couch potato person! These dogs require a lot of activity and have more energy than a room full of ADHD 5-year-olds without their meds! The Pros of...

Samsung Galaxy and why you Should Own One

Samsung Galaxy and why you Should Own One

I have to say, this is by far one of the best phones I have ever owned. By far, it's the best Android I've ever seen. It's no secret that I've bounced back and forth between Apple and Samsung over the years. This was mainly for performance issues. I've never...

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Busy Moms the world over deserve to have all of the knowledge needed at their disposal. Moms and Dads alike, have very little time for themselves. This is why Moms unite and share information around the internet. That is exactly what Shop And Save 24/7 is for!

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