I have to say, this is by far one of the best phones I have ever owned. By far, it’s the best Android I’ve ever seen.

It’s no secret that I’ve bounced back and forth between Apple and Samsung over the years. This was mainly for performance issues. I’ve never really cared about how “customizable” a phone is or how steep the learning curve is. I’ve always just been interested in performance. If the thing lags and runs like a potato, I’m not interested in it.

In the past, Androids had incredible slowing issues after you owned the phone for a couple of months, especially after loading applications onto them. This apparently, is no longer the case with Samsung Galaxy! This phone is blazing fast, even after 6 months and 24 app installs. It basically has the same performance my iPhones had, that is until the iPhone was ready to be replaced by a new model. Then Apple forces updates that render the older models as potatoes. This is why I switched to the Galaxy. I thought I’ll give it one more go and if it’s the same ole story, I’ll just go back to flip phones!

Total Freedom

Now that I have an android that isn’t bogged down by updates and apps, I have the freedom to customize it just the way I like it. From ringtones to lock and home screen wallpapers or even videos, this phone is mine to do whatever I want!

And that means I am also able to assign different ringtones and text tones to individuals. I can even use any part of any song that I like for these ringtones. Gone are the days of having to purchase songs from apple store just to have a ringtone!

Beautiful 4K Screen

This screen has more resolution than the Hubble telescope. Well, not really, but the thing is damn sexy I must say! It has the most beautiful display I’ve ever seen on a phone. Actors in movies pop right off the screen. Video games look as good as they do on my computer, and it’s a gaming rig. Of course, you’re giving up screen size, but the pixel quality is totally there!