If you’ve ever wanted a high octane dog, a Husky may be just right for you. Keep in mind, the Husky is not for the couch potato person! These dogs require a lot of activity and have more energy than a room full of ADHD 5-year-olds without their meds!

The Pros of Owning a Husky

1 – They have HUGE personalities. Huskies can be highly flamboyant at times. They howl when they want your attention and they howl until they get it! Their howling takes on multiple forms. From the neck outstretched howling at the moon to the subtle just under their breath pathetic squeak. These guys are sure to make you laugh day after day!

2 – They Will Help to Keep You Fit! These guys have a seemingly unending amount of energy! If it’s fitness you seek, your husky can help you to obtain it! These fellows will walk nearly as much as you want to and just about whenever you want to. Do you love midnight strolls on the beach? So does your Husky! Do you love jogging at 3 AM? So does your Husky! Do you love playing at the park 3 times a day? Say no more! Your Husky does too!

3 – The Make Great Companions! Huskys love being with their owners. They will be by your side at all times, and at all costs. These dogs will always want to be by your side so be ready for that, even when you’re in the bathroom.

4 – Huskys Are Very People Friendly. This breed loves people, and they love kids! Our Husky loves to play with children, probably because they have more energy to keep up with them! Huskys will usually seek out children to play with and will run towards them as they are very excited to make new friends. If a family-friendly breed is what you seek, a Husky could be right for you.

The Cons

1 – Do You Like The Mars Landscape? You will, if you don’t already. This is because Huskys are diggers. They LOVE to dig! Our Husky has dug over a dozen holes in our back yard. She was after a mole at one point but not sure if she ever caught it or not. Be prepared for extra landscaping chores if you want to keep your yard level.

2 – They Want to Play, No Matter What! This highly energetic puppy will not leave you alone when the urge strikes them to play. Our Husky will grab her tug of war rope and find us no matter where we are at in the house. She will drop it at our feet and howl and howl and howl until we give in. It’s kind of hard to get mad at her as this is in her breed’s nature. She will even do this if we are in the bathroom on the toilet or in the shower. Doesn’t matter what we are doing or where we are at.

3 – Loves the Snow, Not the Rain. Our Husky loves the snow and will dive head first into it. She absolutely loves it! But she hates rain and when we have multiple rain days, she tends to hold her bladder until she no longer can and then will go into the basement to relieve herself. We have tried a lot of things to break her of this but she simply refuses to go out in the rain. This can be a trying situation. But personally, for our family, we have a concrete basement floor as it is unfinished and we love her so much, we overlook this flaw.