If you’ve ever longed for a video game that gives you a truely open world feel with a huge selection of sandbox tools, look no further. Minecraft may be for you.

Yes, it’s a voxel game but it’s THE ORIGINAL voxel game. There have been many imitators, but there’s only 1 original. Minecraft is a unique game in that every world that you spawn, is truly unique. Every biome, every tree, and every blade of grass. The game itself is fairly immersive, and you can get sucked in very quickly. Not to mention, there are tons of things that you can craft and build while enjoying the game.

Art of Survival

A couple of tips on surviving in Minecraft if you’ve never played. The very first thing that you’re going to want to do is, chop wood. Wood is the very first thing that you’re going to need in order to advance to basic tools and so forth. You will need wood so that you can create a crafting table. You need the crafting table so that you can craft sticks and wooden planks. Then, you can craft wooden axes, wooden shovels, wooden hoes, and wooden pick axes. Use these to get dirt, flora, wood, and stone. Once you have stone, you can craft stone tools that will allow you to mine a bit faster. But first things first. Get enough wood to make those tools and then get as much wood as you can before night fall. Look for a place to burrow into the side of a hill or mountain for your first night. This is going to be an integral part in surviving your first night. If you can get burrowed into a hillside before dark, you’ll be safer. Then just block up the entrance until dawn. You can leave a 1 block opening so that you can see when the sun is rising.

Day 2

On Day 2, you’ll feel refreshed. You have survived your first night in Minecraft. Get out there and start chopping more wood. You should have plenty of stone from mining in the night. Use that stone to craft a blast furnace. This will allow you to smelt ores that you mine as well as create building blocks out of stone. These blocks are stronger than regular cobblestone.

Let There Be Light

Always have torches or lanterns about your living area. The more, the better. Monsters hate the light and will stray away from it. You don’t want zombies or creepers near your home. Yes, creepers just want to hug and get so excited that they explode, but they do a lot of damage! You can avoid a lot of this by lighting up your living area.

Have Fun and Build Plenty

The main reason for playing Minecraft is to be creative and build things. Have fun with it. Build whatever your mind’s eye sees. You can always change blocks, even after they are placed. It’s easy to get absorbed into the Minecraft world. Have fun!